Title:                     Off- and On-line Insulation Testing of Stator Windings

Instructor:          Howard Sedding, Iris Power Canada

Duration:            Full day

Description:        After briefly reviewing basic insulation system design and stator winding construction, this short course will focus on the commonly used, and standardized, test methods employed to assess the condition of stator winding insulation. Both off- and on-line test techniques will be discussed. In addition, to description of the methods, consideration will also be given to the interpretation of the test results derived. Among the tests to be discussed are insulation resistance, polarization index, capacitance, dissipation (power) factor, partial discharge, RF probe, acoustic probe and corona camera. The merits (and disadvantages) of off-line vs on-line testing will also be covered. Considerations of overvoltage testing (dc, ac and VLF) will also be covered in the course.

Presenter:           Howard Sedding has a PhD from the University of Brighton, UK and is presently employed as an Insulation Engineer at Iris Power – Qualitrol, a manufacturer of rotating machine condition monitoring equipment.  Prior to that he worked at Ontario Hydro Research Division (now Kinectrics) for 27 years where he was involved in stator winding insulation condition condition.  He is active in IEEE and IEC standards working groups concerned with rotating machine electrical insulation evaluation and testing.  He has over 100 papers and has published one book on these subjects.  He is a senior member of the IEEE and a chartered engineer in the UK.